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Sometimes they are in a locked kennel.

Sometimes they are not in the kennel.

Kennel Space is Limited.
The maximum number of dogs at one time is five. Two is more typical.

Call for the availability of Kennel Space.

                                                                                                                                                         ##Proof of vaccinations required, no exceptions. See below for details.###

Dogs from different families do not mix or play together unless they come in together. 

$8 FOR THE SECOND TWO HOURS (or partial)

CALL AHEAD FOR AVAILABILITY.  We are "full" with between 2 and 5 dogs. When the rooms are booked, or the dogs staying are in need of extra care, there are no more openings.

(Minimum $28.00...Maximum 100%)

For major holidays, busy weekends, etc, there will be a cancellation fee if you cancel after booking the dates, no matter how far in advance. (This is a new rule, since 2017.)
 A deposit/cancellation fee agreement shows an actual commitment to the dates booked-- because we often must turn other dogs away once the two kennels are full; there must be a consequence for canceling . We do NOT want to make things difficult for regular customers. We value all our customers and want to keep everyone returning year after year.  Thanks for understanding!

Cancellation Fees are not charged UNLESS you cancel or reduce your boarding dates after you have booked.    When you cancel or reduce your booking, a Cancellation Fee will be negotiated. You should expect to pay something for changing your plans!!!  Many people make an offer of some sort and Ann appreciates this very much and usually agrees to that. Some very kind people have voluntarily paid the FULL amount after canceling a long boarding session. (Just saying!!)
All vaccination records must be up to date also, with documentation provided for Ann as close to when you book as possible.

$28 PER NIGHT ... This is the over-night price for ONE dog. If you have two or more, ASK ANN.

Think of a hotel as an example. There is a check-in time and a check-out time. We are flexible to Pup coming 'early' or staying 'late' but then the hourly rates apply.  For stays beyond 7 days, 'early' and/or 'late' rates are adjusted accordingly.  Please make clear your In and Out times, as best you can, when booking the dates for your dogs' stay. 


All dogs are welcome. There are no breed restrictions for DOMESTICATED dogs. Puppies should be 10 months old, exceptions could apply or cost more for extra care needs. Wolf-hybrids are strictly a case by case agreement. Seniors should be healthy, but other issues are negotiable, case by case, and may have extra charges due to specialized care.

There will be Special Needs charges for things such as diapers (sanitary pads), some medications, Special Training (basic leash walking, for example or "don't bite"), Un-fixed dogs, or a Puppy-ness Surcharge.   Dogs that can not sleep alone, that is an extra charge: $15/per night AND limitls the number of nights your dog can stay.    NOTE:  If your dog is not fixed, and/or marks walls,etc, expect that to cost more: $5.00/per incident. A female who goes into heat, this is another charge. Thank you!

A word about dogs used to a "doggy door" at home:
Sometimes dogs used to going outside and back inside at their own discretion do NOT do well in a kennel environment.  They MIGHT use a place in the kennel to go potty or scratch the door frame and do damage.  The need for pet-pads would be an extra charge, billed to the customer. $2 each, and boy-dogs may need more than one at a time.This is a "clean up fee" so if you provide your dog's Potty Pads, the fee will still apply.

Hypodermic shots WILL cost extra. Pills, usually not, but might. Special diets, usually do not cost extra, when provided with full directions and ingredients. If there are many directions and time tables, for example, which require more than two meals a day and at specific times,ingredients which require special treatment--- this should be considered a "Special Need".   NOTE:  All "Special Needs" are at Stinky Dog's discretion and fully worked out with the pet owner before billing anything extra. Hence, if after one visit the meals are considered too involved, then an added charge will be applied "next time".  If the meal is obviously "Special",  an added price will be quoted before you leave your dog.  A typical charge is $2 per meal. 

Required Veterinary Paperwork, submitted before the stay date is best.
Dogs arriving without the proper proof of shots will be turned away!

*Canine Rabies
*DHPP (or DAP, etc) (this is the Distemper/Parvovirus shot usually given in a combination)
*Bordetella (this is the kennel cough vaccination, often a spray up the nose)

*Exceptions per your vet only and we must speak to them/their front office or have a letter.

For a Short Stay, or a returning dog, there is a Short Information Form.
For a dog's first-time stay with us, there is a longer, Health and Habit Information Form.

"What's that about?"
We appreciate your filling out Health and Habit Information about Pup so we know what time he eats breakfast, when he likes to go to bed and all the things he might need in between.  Answering our questions as fully as you can helps us to provide a fun and safe stay for your Buddy!

We attempt to keep his eating and potty schedules the same as at home. This helps him adjust to a boarding situation with more ease.  If you tell us his word for "doing his business" is "tee-tee" then we don't have to guess and neither does he! 

It is best to deliver all paperwork, including vaccination paperwork, to Stinky Dog ahead of your stay. Most people email it. Or, if possible, visit the property ahead of time for a tour. This way, on the day you are dropping off Pup, you just kiss his nose goodbye and dash off.

IF you forget your Vet paperwork on "the day of" or
IF his shots are NOT up to date,
you can NOT leave your dog.

Make SURE it's in the Stinky Dog Files before that! (Your vet can give us vaccination information over the phone, if they are open and if the shots are up to date. )
Don't take the chance!

Overnight stays cost $28.00 for one dog.
 Pup comes into our care late in the day (3pm to closing) and stays one night, leaving in the morning between 9 and noon, that's one night. (Just like at a Hotel/Motel.)

Is your Pup staying several nights? Great!!  He comes in late in the day, and stays, let's say, three nights. You come back for him by noon of that last morning.
This would cost $28 x 3= $84 (no tax).

Do you own more than one dog? Super!! Ann will explain the multiple dog prices when you call. (Behavior matters, FYI.)

Trix always travels with her vaccination papers.

What if you need to pick up after noon and/or drop off before 3 pm???
No problem...there will be an hourly rate charge, but we are flexible according to what you need.

"May I bring my dog before or after business hours?"
Sure. We can make Special Arrangements. This will cost extra... $25.00 PLUS the Hourly Rates

Need to catch the Black Ball Ferry?
or Grandma expects you at her house by 8am? No problem! This will cost extra...it's before regular hours.
AND you will want to have everything set up, ahead of your drop off--with your forms and records, so there are no last minute things to work out when you drop off Fuzzy Bear Snookums. 

Mac likes a small crate for himself and a toy from home..