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Closed  Sunday and Mondays....Open 10 to 5 Tuesday through Saturday...................................................................................................

"U-Remember 50%"    ...50% off the Base Price*

The Base Price* for each dog is determined by their weight.
             $15, $20, $25, $30
Upgrades, such as Extra Help (nail trims, mat removal, etc)
and other Upgrade Services are priced a la carte. 

A Care Giver, friend or family member may bathe the dog
and sign in for owners.
This special is ONLY for Dementia patients who own a dog.

No appointment needed...unless you want the Not-U Bathe
upgrade or have special needs or requests, then yes, please
call ahead.

               Closed  Sunday and Monday.


Stinky Dog U-Bathe loves to help out newly adopted dogs of all sorts. If it has been one month or less since you adopted your dog, the Base Fee is on us!

***There could be charges, such as an upgrade for
      Fleas B-Gone or Super Stinky, a nail trim, mat removal, etc.

Choose a BATH GIFT or a KENNEL GIFT or both!
You decide how much you wish to spend... select services and give the gift of a clean dog--
 or a safe stay...
                        ...or both

Our Mission is to improve your dog's life through cleanliness!!  

 You can spread the joy by calling or stopping into Stinky Dog U-Bathe and
            picking out your services gift card.

Are you traveling to Victoria BC on the Back Ball Ferry for a day trip?? Wonderful !!!!!!
If you've decided on your ferry times traveling there and back, you'll want to drop off Fido the night before you go and pick him up the next morning.  Two nights, dropping off between 3 and closing, then picking up the next morning between 9am and noon, FOR ONE DOG,  this costs $56.00. 
BUT, there is now a BLACK BALL SPECIAL for people who want to drop their dog off between 6:30am and  7am---THEN pick their dog up the same day, after the last ferry.   This package is for one dog, and costs $80.   If you have more than one dog, ask Ann.

Payment should be made by check, in advance of your travel date.
No refunds for cancellations. (*)

 (*)  At discretion of the owner, Ann.

Your veterinarian just prescribed a special shampoo for your dog and said "Twice weekly baths for 6 weeks! Or else!!"  (or whatever...lots of baths and for several weeks!)

Eeeek. What to do????

Do those baths yourself ---at Stinky Dog U-Bathe--- for a discount off your Base Price, which is determined by your dog's weight. (other costs may apply...such as nail trims, etc)

The first bath is the regular price.
Keep up your veterinarians' directions and each bath after that is discounted.

      So:        small..... .$15 (- $5) is only $10 per bath!!
                  medium  ..$20 (- $8) is only $12 per bath!!!! 
                  large ........$25 (- $9) is only $16 per bath!!!
                 AND  over 100# but under 200#... take $12 off --  ONLY $18 per XXL bath
BUT!!! if you miss a bath in the program, the next bath is the regular price...
                                                                                    ...back on track? take off your discount!

Barkley S. says, "Scroll down for ONE more discount. It's worth it!!"

These hard working Canines deserve $5 off, don't you think? We at Stinky Dog do too.                Ruckus says to scroll down.   And...if you don't... he can find you!!!!!

Ok, officially, now...not like "yeah, he keeps the deer off the lawn! It's his job!"

We mean, Pup fights crime, rescues lost cats or people, sniffs out diseases or bugs or fruit or drugs at the prison or is a Service Dog with a jacket and documentation....we mean, a Trained Companion Assistant, visits Hospitals, listens to kids read books, etc, etc.

Just tell us fun stories of your dog's heroics and/or training experiences.
And thanks for visiting Stinky Dog U-Bathe!