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FIRST TIME IN? Please sign the Customer Card which says your dog is current on all vaccinations and this can be verified by your vet, who can be called if requested. (We spot check.) Now you are in the file for next time!

Next, you take a tub in the Tub Room and get comfy. There are ten (10) shampoos to choose from which are INCLUDED in the Base Price. One is not included, that's the flea shampoo. (It's priced by how bad the fleas are, so $5 to $20, plus tax.) All the tools are provided, brushes, ear cleaner etc. Endless towels and a professional-style power hand dryer.
        Base Prices are decided by your dog's weight. Yes, there is a scale.
Added Services include things like a nail trim, anal glad expression, etc.  These are priced a la carte and added to the Base Price. 

Note: Beginning January 2ed, 2018 the Tub Room prices will be on a new scale.  No "basic wash" prices have been raised for 5 years, since opening in 2012!!  It is greatly hoped that customers will still find the services here to be a good value and understand the necessity involved.

Dogs weighing:   One pound up to 39# pay $15.00 --small
                           40 # up to 69# pay $20 --medium
                           70#  up to  99# pay $25.00 --large
                           100# up to 200# pay $30 ---Extra large

Nail Trims by Ann, along with a Self-service Bath cost $5.Nail Trims only, no other services, cost $10. 

The answer is, Ann must "ok" or "reject" your personal shampoo, then a note is made to your card for Next Time, that she ok'ed it last time. If the label says "100% Bio-degradable" your shampoo will pass. If there is no info on it being Bio-degradable, or if it says "Ani-Bacterial" or "anti-" something, then it's going to be rejected, sorry.  The exception to this is if your vet has prescribed this shampoo and a vet sticker is on the bottle.
Ann will make this decision out of the need to protect the septic system allowing her to stay in business. Using your own shampoo does NOT reduce the cost of your dog's bath.

There are also Upgrade Packages for extra services... they start at $5.

Fleas B-Gone (Come in ahead-- while your dog waits in the car--to sign in and get set up.) ...(Yes, this one costs more...$5 to $20 more, plus WA tax.)

Super-DUPER Stinky Dog for extra smell control (ahem.)... (no extra charge for "nominal stink"; usually not  for rolling in "something" (Bear Poo, Dead Fish, etc) --- but...Actual skunk or Extreme Stink? yes, there is an added fee! $5-20$ plus WA tax.)(Why? because Ann may have to close the shop for clean up, that's why.)

 FYI: Tax is charged for Shampoo Up-grades, but not for the Base Price or most other Extra Services.
 Hey, I'm just following the taxman's orders!

 Need a little help? It's free.
Need (More Than) A Little Help?
No problem-It's an Add-0n with Extra Help Packages...
Add On $$ start at $5.00:
We will clip or Dremmel nails;  External Anal Gland Expressions; foot pad and/or eye ditch, foot trim, mat removal, brushing assistance, Tidy Pants, spell you drying (if you're tired!) and patient help for any Reluctant Bathers! If you need more than two services, Ann will make yours into an "Ala Carte Package" which combines some services together. (A note will be made to your card.) BTW: if you know you will  need extra help, please call ahead for an appointment, even if it's for the same day you are calling. Thank you!
                                     Let us know what you need;it's no problem!