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"Our Mission is to improve
your dogs' life
through cleanliness."

             --Ann Taylor

Here are some photos cataloging the changes to the Tub Room...which was a garage.  This house has had many personalities imposed on it and the latest--has been to become a Self-service Dog Wash and Short Term Kennel.
 We provide four, double-sided tubs plus all the tools and shampoos needed to successfully wash your dog.
 Hourly kennel prices (unique to the area) and also overnight stays are available from the Stinky Dog Kennel. Be sure to check for kennel availability: 360-477-2883
 Baths are a Drop-In service.

Sierra, a Kennel Guest, asked to smell what was happening in the future Tub Room.

The automatic garage door went to Habitat For Humanity. A new doorway was framed for the french door onto the future patio.

The floor has been caped, the electrical and plumbing has been roughed in, the walls are framed and boxes of sheet rock are on the ready. My contractor is measuring, again, to space out the four tubs, which are waiting in Oregon.

This was taken after the sheet rock work. It's now August.

Here comes the cement!

Time to fence in the patio and make it secure for dogs to play on before or after their bath. Dogs and their people may wait their turn out on the patio, if weather permits, or inside where there is a spacious lobby.

There are four tubs. Each has a safety line-- which prevents escape and excessive visiting with other four-legged bathers! A raised insert for small dogs brings them to a comfortable height for your back.

Each station has a hand dryer and all the tools, towels and supplies needed for a complete bath. There is always a little help available, too, for free, in case you want a third hand... to hold a nose or advice on the best technique for drying your dog.          What if you want someone else to trim or Dremmel your dog's nails? No problem! Many types of Extra Help are only a small add-on charge and can be grouped together for an affordable Package of Help.

Sierra found out that after 2 weeks as a Kennel Guest, she was entitled to a free bath! She was none too happy about it.

Stinky Dog U-Bathe is open from 10 am to 5pm (Winter Hours)
 [ closed  Sunday and Mondays]

We are a Self-Service Dog Wash,
 East of Port Angeles, WA...
             ...on Hwy 101 and Lake Farm Road.
       40 Levig Road

Need a safe place to BOARD Pup... while you roam where he's not allowed? We offer hourly rates for kennel time. Shot records required for boarding. Space is limited in the kennel so call ahead for availability!  Overnights? No problem.      

 For just a bath, no need to make an appointment.  Walk-ins , no need to call unless you think your dog needs something special or have questions. 

Questions? Want to visit the site to see if your dog would like it here? Visit any time we are open for business.     Woof. It's ok to come and look around!